Architecture - some variations

Three houses on Caroline Street differ on the front from the standard designs.

As soon as houses were sold to individuals, some decided to make changes.


The first permit for a modification that we have found was number 1066 given on 21 July 1884 to owner M G Gerard, for an open porch 20 feet by 5 feet to be added to 1506. Estimated cost of construction, and some interior repairs, was $85. The permit does not say whether the porch was on the front or back, but there is no sign is was on the front. Presumably it was on the back, a feature found on a few other houses in the neighborhood.

On 6 July 1888 new owner of 1506 E Betz was given permit number 29 to build a third story with a mansard front. The estimated cost of construction was $600. Note in the photo that the original cornice for a two-story house was preserved.

1505: Ms Kate's porch

On 2 July 1889 owner W R Brown was given permit number 12 to build a front bay and a rear extension on 1505. The estimated cost of construction was $600. Today it has a bay, a covered porch, elaborate iron work, and an extension on the side to the property line. No permit has been found for the side extension, which was obviously built in two stages. Part may have been done in 1889, without a permit.

side entrance at 1524

In 1979 there was a collapse at 1524 Caroline Street. The then owner set out to create a basement rental unit, which required lowering the floor of the basement. The excavation was not shored or underpinned properly. A heavy rain greased the bare clay inside, allowing the base of the side wall to slip in and the upper part of the wall to bulge out. Faced with impending uncontrolled collapse, the owner helped the wall collapse - which brought down the floor joists and roof. The entire side wall, part of the back wall, and the setback section of the front wall with the front door came down. [1]

During reconstruction in 1980, the entrance and steps were moved to the side.

[1] Memories of eyewitness Dan Gamber

[2] Photos by Dan Gamber

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