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The Gamber is a stream that originates with a spring at Gamber Head - Llygad Amr in Welsh – Herefordshire, England. By legend, this is burial place of Amhar (or Amr), a son of King Arthur. Gamber Head is about 6 miles south of Hereford, England. The stream flows southeasterly to join Garren Brook and eventually the Wye.

Mount Gamber is the remnant of a small volcano on the southeast coast of South Australia. “Gamber” is actually a fairly common misspelling. The official name is Mount Gambier, as is the name of the adjacent town (population 28,000). It was named by Lieutenant James Grant, the commander of the first ship considered to have sailed the entire southern coast of Australia in December 1800. The name is in honor of James Gambier, then Lieutenant Governor at New Province in the Bahamas. The area is best known to the outside world as the location for the filming of much of Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome.

There is a Gamber furnace in Mineral County, West Virginia.

There was a Gamber Farm near Lancaster, PA.

Isa Gamber is chairman of the Musavat Party of Azerbaijan. Gamber was first prime minister of Azerbaijan (1991 – 1993) after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communist Party. He is now in opposition. Attempts to find out more about Gamber on the Internet, and by queries to the Azeri Embassy in Brussels and through the American Embassy in Baku have been unsuccessful. The name may have come via German immigrants, or may be purely coincidental. There is also a Rushen Gamber.

Gamber, Carroll County, Maryland, is named for long-time postmaster William Snyder Gamber. The original settlement was named Mechanicsville.

Gambers with a sweet tooth should consider Dutch Honey Gold. Bill Gamber is the president of this Lancaster, PA, company.

J Arthur Gamber was first sergeant of the Second Oregon Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Spanish American War. The unit saw substantial action against Philippine insurgents.

Saga Verlag Hans Gamber in München (Hans Gamber publishing company) was in existence as least as recently as 1989. It specialized in crime and satire.

While the Gambers are mostly protestants, there are some Roman Catholics. John Baptist Gamber (1837 – 1908) was born in Bavaria and served as a priest in Gallipolis, OH, for many years. Klaus Gamber (died 1989) was a monsignor in the Church in Regensburg, Germany.

Gamber containers for honey are manufactured in Hungary and imported by Maxant Industries, Ayer MA.

There came an Italian mountebank to Geneva, called Gamber-Corta, who had an exhibition of puppets, that he made play a kind of comedy. From THE CONFESSIONS OF JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, translated by W. Conyngham Mallory. The incident would have been before 1728, probably closer to 1712.

The Gamber walking club is headquartered at Via Liberta 1, 20049 Cuncuress, Italy. (That is someplace near Milan.) “Walking” seems to be a bad translation - they have produced some fairly good marathon runners.

M. Guney Gamber of Istanbul, Turkey, was surprised to find that the name existed outside Turkey. So far as he knows, the family has been in Turkey for centuries. And her family is the only Turkish Gambers she knows of.

There is one extended Gamber family in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzogavina. They have traced their roots to Banja Luka.

Adda Gamber is a small town or village in Sawahil Tehsil, Sawahil District, Punjab Province, Pakistan.

There is a Gamber's Estate in Mumbai, India.

There is a Baba Gamber cemetery in Iran.

People living in Arzago d'Adda are called "gamberelli" (little crawfishes), since here, thousand of years ago, many crawfishes lived in a big lake now disappeared.

There was a J. Gamber publishing house in Paris, apparently from 1900 but most active (according to a WorldCat search) from 1925 to 1932.

A General Gamber led part of the Russian forces in an 1811 battle in the 1806-1812 war with the Ottomans.

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