Immigrants with names similar to Gamber

Note: this is mostly a compilation from transcripts, in some cases transcriptions of transcriptions, rather than original documents. Transcriptions create errors, both in copying and in reading various scripts. And the originals are in many cases only what the scribe heard or thought he heard; they are rarely entries copied from written documents as is the case today. The supporting references can for most (except after 1875 or so) be seen in the Gamber family tree data.

Camber, Fr., arrived in Virginia in 1638.

Comber, Abraham, arrived MD 1680 with daughter Sarah.

Gamber, Johannes arrived Philadelphia 11 Oct 1732 on Pleasant from Rotterdam, age 32 at the time. (Olive Tree ships lists.) (Egle page 70) (Rupp page 83) Could be the origin of the Philadelphia Gambers, but so also could the 1741 or 1750 immigrants. (Boyer page 72 has it Gumbor.)

Gampfer, Magdelena, arrived Philadelphia 1740. (Burgert)

Gambert, Johann from Oberhochstadt, arr 1741 Philadelphia (Hacker* X04148) (Can’t find ship list with this guy. dcg 15 Aug 02)

Gumbert, Catharina is reported in Hacker as in the colonies in 1743.

Gamber/Gambert/Gampert, Joh Williberth/Wilibald ship Dragon 17 Oct 1749 Philadelphia from Rotterdam, from Niederhochstadt bap 1717 to PA chart B462-11 (Palatines to American ancestral chart project vol 4 page 90; Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild lists on Rootsweb); Hacker X04152 (Johann Gambert) or X04153 (Wilhelm Gambert), both from "Oberlustadt." Hacker notes that each had 3 children. Origin of Berks, Lancaster and Perry co PA Gambers. With wife Maria Elisabetha Seger, Child Joh. Wilhelm; Relative Johannes; Child Maria Catharina; Child Joh. Fredrich; Child Maria Barbara; Child Rudolff. Strassburger lists only the oath of adjuration list, which has Johann Gamber and Wilbert Gamber. Ship included a Johannes Bigler. (Egle page 304 lists only Johannes) (Burgert page 93 says Johann Willibert, wife Maria and four children.)

Gamber, Maria Catherina (married Georg Bressler or Pressler) b 1749 to PA, chart B462-2 (Palatines to American ancestral chart project vol 4 page 90) (Actually born a month after arrival, according to baptism records in Tulpehocken. Daughter of Wilbert.)

Gamber/Gampfer, Johannes, ship Royal Union, 15 Aug 1750 Philadelphia ( (Egle page 313)

Gamber, Georg Michael and Johann Henrich, ship Brothers 24 Aug 1750 Philadelphia. (These two are most likely brothers or cousins, and possible also related to the Johannes who arrived earlier the same month.) (Egle page 317) (Rupp page 234)

Gampert, Nicholas, was naturalized in PA in 1761. (PENNSYLVANIA (COLONY) page 411) (GIUSEPPI page 64)

Gombar, John, was naturalized in Maryland in 1761. (Breitbard page 5, Wyand page 27)

Gamber, Michael, wife Elizabeth, from Pfalz to Philadelphia 1762.

Gamper, Henry, naturalized in Block twp, Philadelphia co, 23 Sep 1764 (Giuseppi page 95)

Gamber, Johannes, ship Chance, 9 Sep 1765 Philadelphia

Gampfer, Johann Gottfried, arrived Philadelphia 1765. Same as above? Rupp page 370 has Gampfer, Johan Gottlieb.

Camber, William, receives a land patent in Maryland in 1769.

Camber, William, arrived 1770, prisoner.

Camber, James, arrived in the colonies in 1773. Prisoner, presumably from England.

Kumber, William, arrived Maryland in 1774, age 18 from England.

Gumbert, Friedrich, was in the Hessian forces in North American in 1775 - 1779.

Gumbert, Johannes, was in the Hessian forces in North American in 1775.

Gameber, Michael, took the oath of allegiance in Philadalphia (Westcott page 57)

Gamber, William, is on the Greenbrier county Virginia tax list in 1783.

Prisoner, presumably from England.

Gamber/Gambor, John and Jacob, before 1779. They wed in Frederick co, MD, John in 1779 and Jacob in 1787. They could have been born in North America. They are unlikely to be one of those listed by name above, unless these were second marriages. It would be extremely unusual for an adult male to wait so many years to wed.

Gambor, Johann, 1784, from Nusbach/Kusel (Hacker X04149) (The origin may indicate two people, as Nussbach and Kusel (Pfalz) are about 20 km apart.) (There is another Nussbach in Wuerttemberg.)

Gumpert, Johann left Ihringen, Baden in 1787, without permission. His property was expropriated. When he voluntarily returned, two-thirds of the property was returned to him. (Baden archives 3886 number 9622 as quoted in German-American Genealogy Research Monograph number 9 page 11)


Gamble, David, arrived Philadelphia 20 Aug 1807 on the Lucretia.

Gambert, Francoise was in the New Orleans area by 1809 when he witnissed a marriage. He witnessed another wedding in 1816.

Gamber, T F arrived Philadelphia on schooner Dash 21 Aug 1810.

Camber, Johannes, arrived Philadelphia in 1817.

Gamble, George, arrived Philadelphia 20 Aug 1819 on the Lucretia, Irish farmer age 55, with wife Mary age 50, James age 20, Media age 16, Eliza age 14, William age 12, George age 10, and David age 6. (Scottish Quakers and Early America 1650 – 1700 by David Dobson, Clearfield Publishing 1998)

Gumberts (or Gumbertz) (several) appear in Indiana starting about 1820.

Gombert, William arrived sometime between 1826 and 1848. He appears in the Buffalo NY census 1850 as a joiner age 26 born Germany, wife Louise age 24 born Germany, daughters Ulricka 2 and Agusta 6 months. (1850 census Buffalo NY ward 6 1942/2894)

Gambert, Marie, arrived New York 28 Aug 1832 on George Clinton, age 30.

Gamber, Thomas, arrived New York 8 Jul 1833 on the Caledonia, age 21 farmer from Ireland.

Gumbert, Jacob and John arrived 31 July 1836 in New York, with families. (History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, pp 426-7) Jacob appears in Brothers Valley twp, Somerset co, PA in 1850 age 49 shoemaker, with Marie 44, John 19 and Catherine 17 born in Germany and Peter 13 and Henry 4 born in PA.

Gampfer, Lorenz, arrived Detroit 1844. (Szucs)

Gambert, Lorenz butcher age 30 arrived New York 8 Nov 1843 (Castle Garden).

Gamber, Adam, farm age 30 arrived New York 27 Nov 1845 (Castle Garden).

Gomber(t), Christoph immigrated in 1846/7 from Perl, Pfalz, to Milwaukee, WI. Children Frederick, Anna Maria, Michael, Christopher, and Margaretha. At least in the 1860 census one part of the family was listed as Gamber. Some migrated to Los Angeles after 1920. (Tom Pearson)

Gumber, Merz, arrived New Orleans 25 June 1846 on the Amulet, German age 69 gender unknown, with Rachel age 50, Regine age 25.

Gambert, Joseph, arrived New York 19 Aug 1846 on the Columbus, age 42 from Germany.

Gumber, Mathias, arrived New Orleans 19 Nov 1846 on the La Vaillant, French age 43, with Rolland age 14.

Gumbert, Carl arrived 1847 New York age 19 on a ship from Bremen, with brother? Aug. 18. This may be the Charles Gumbert who appears in Allegheny county in the 1880 census, age 53.

Gambert, Johannes, arrived Baltimore 28 Aug 1847 on the Schiller, destination Indiana, age 26, bricklayer, from Oberlendt.

Gampher, Peter arrived NYC 24 Jul 1848 from Le Havre, ship Serampore. Origin Germany. Age 51 with wife Elizabeth 43, daughters Charlotta 17, Catherine 14, and Louisa 9 and son Jacob L 5. In the 1850 census 10th ward Cincinnati OH age 53 laborer, Elizabeth 47, Charlotta 20, Catherine 17, Louise 15, Peter 12, Jacob 8, all born Germany.

Gumber, Janlina, arrived New York 22 Jul 1849 on the Columbiana, French male age 29.

Gamber, Elizab. arrived 17 Aug 1849 from Germany, age 26, ship Sara Shaefe.

Gamber, Gotfried, arrived New York 14 Sep 1849 from Germany, age 23. (Castle Garden)

Gamber, George, arrived New York on 6 Nov 1850 from Germany on the Venice ex Le Havre. Age 39. Perhaps same as George Gamber, George who appears in the 1880 census in Pee-Pee, Pike co, OH, age 65 stone mason born Prussia, living with son John 23 born OH and wife (presumably John’s) Ada 21 born NY.

Gamber, Frederick, arrived New Orleans 26 Jan 1850 on the Statesman from Le Havre. Age 36, with wife Barbara age 31, son Jacob 8, daughter Beth (Elizabeth) age 6 and son Heinrich age 3. In 1860 Barbara, Elizabeth and Henry are in Chicago.

Gumber, Jean, arrived 23 April 1853 on the Belle Assise, French age 55, with Anna age 25, Madalaine 19, and Josephe age 2.

Gambert, Joh., arrived 23 May 1853 on Deutschland from Germany, farmer age 44, with wife Anna age 38, daughter Anna age 17, daughter Martha 15, daughter Elisabeth age 11, son Valentin age 7, and son Adam 5. (Castle Garden)

Gambert, Johann, arrived Baltimore 23 Aug 1853 on the Aeolus, age 30, farmer from Ewerdenz, destination IL. Wife Anna 38, son Adam 5, daughter Anna 17,

Gambert, Louis, arrived 17/18 Nov 1853 on Isaac Bell, from Hesse, age 18.

Gambert, Jacob age 27 on same ship. Also Anton age 18.

Gamber, Joh. Baptist from Landstuhl, Kaiserslautern April 1854. Was ordained Catholic priest 24 Aug 1859. Known as John B Gamber

Gamber, Anna, from Bavaria 11 Jan 1854 on ship Zurich, age 35, farmer, with daughter Anna age 5, son Michael 5, son Nicolas age 8.

Gumber, Johann, arrived 31 Mar 1854 on Marie Elizabeth, Bavarian farmer aged 17.

Gamber, John and son Nicholas from Switzerland before 1854. In 1880 they are in Kaskaskia, Randolph co, Illinois, with new son John age 26 born MO.

Gamber, Madeleine, arrived in 1854 from Alsace.

Mary Magdalena Gamber arrived New York from Le Havre on 18 Jun 1854, with her husband Johann Theobald Lothammer and some children. The family was from Guewenheim, Alsace, France.

Gambert, J., arrived New York 14 Aug 1854 on Star, with infant daughter Louise, wife Caroline age 22.

Gamber, August, arrived New Orleans 30 Mar 1855 on F W Bailey, French farmer 25. (Castle Garden)

Gambert, Felix, arrived by 1857, when he declared his intention to naturalize in Santa Clara co, CA. In 1880 he was in San Jose, Santa Clara co, CA, age 46. grocer, with wife Emile born Chile and several children (oldest 19) born CA.

Gumbart, Ferdinand, registered in St Clair co, IL, in 1857.

Gambert, Johanne, arrived New York 6 May 1857 on the Jubilaum, female age 20 from Ruderichshausen, Germany (Castle Garden).

Gamber, Heinrich, arrived 4 June 1857 from Bavaria on the Sea Belle, farmer aged 16.

Gamber, P from Baden arrived in New Orleans on the Guttenberg from Le Havre on 17 Nov 1857. (ISTG)

Gamber(t), Paul arrived from Baden prior Nov 17, 1857 on the Guttenberg. Farmer, age 18. In 1880 he was a barber living in Louisville, Jefferson, KY age 40 with wife Katie 31 born KY and children born KY.

Gambert, Louis arrived after 1858, He appears in the NYC census 1880 age 65 with wife Mina age 60 and daughter Ida age 22. All born Russia.

Gambert, August, arrived 6 Sep 1858 on the Union, age 30, farmer from Germany, with wife Margaretha age 36, son Heinrich age 9, son Carl age 7, son George age 5, and son Phillip 11 months. (Castle Garden)

Gamber, Samuel, arrived New York 23 Jun 1859 on the Ellen Austin, Irish farmer age 24.

Gambert, Eva, arrived New York 31 Oct 1859 on the Industrie, German age 27.

Gamber, Adam immigrated between 1855 and 1859 from Schopp, Pfalz, to Marion co, OH, with children Eva, Adam J and Louisa. By 1860 the family were in Wyandot county

Gamber, John arrived from Bavaria prior to 1860. In 1880 he was in Brooklyn, New York, age 41 furniture dealer, parents born Bavaria. Wife Sophia 43 born Bavaria, parents born Bavaria. Children George 20, John 18, Charles 16 and Lizzie 13 born NY.

3 Jul 1860: Gamber, L., born Italy, is recorded in 1860 census in 5th District, San Francisco. Age 32, he is a cook. The residence, 836/850, seems to be a boarding house.

Gamber, Maria, arrived New Orleans 31 May 1861 from Baden, age 13, with Eva age 2. Ship Stephen Cuwell from Le Havre.

Gamber, Henry, immigrated from Russia prior to 1864. In that census he is in Burlington, Hartford, Connecticut, a clerk age 38 in a grocery store. Wife Katie born Sweden, children aged 16 and younger born CT.

Gamber, Herman arrived between 1860 and 1878 from Saxony. In 1880 he is in Newtown, Queens, NY age 21 printer with wife Annie 21 born NY parents born Bavaria and son John 2 born NY. Herman’s parents are said to be born Prussia.

Gamber, Mike arrived from Germany prior to 1866. In 1880 he is in Chicago age 41 butcher born Prussia, wife Anna 37 Prussia, Anna 14 IL, Lena 11 IL, Clara 8 IL, Frederick 5 IL and Emmily 1 IL. All parents born Prussia.

Gamber, Joh. Friedr., arrived New York 15 Jul 1865 on the Emilie, garden grower age 23 from Baden, with wife Kath. age 24.

Gamber, Marie, arrived 2 Oct 1865 on Allemania from Marseilles, German, single, age 21.

Gamber, Heinrich, arrived 5 Apr 1866 from Germany age 25. (Castle Garden)

Gambert, Henriette age 18 arrived New York 22 Aug 1866. (Castle Garden)

Gamber, Joh. farmer 29 arrived New York 2 or 29 Oct 1866. (Castle Garden)

Gambert, Paul, arrived New York from Germany 24 Aug 1867 on the Union, age 47, with son Carl age 1 (Castle Garden).

Gamber, Otto, shoemaker age 25 arrived New York 10 Sep 1868 (Castle Garden).

Gumber, Henry immigrated from Wuertemberg prior to 1869. In 1880 he is 42, a farmer in Berlin, Wayne co, PA, with second wife Margaret 42 born Prussia, three Smith step children born PA ages 19 – 22, and 4 children 3 – 9 born PA by Margaret.

Gambert, Johann, arrived New York 29 Apr 1869 on the Germania, farmer age 32 from Germany (Castle Garden).

Gambier, Marc arrived from France prior to 1870. In 1880 he is in NYC, age 41, artist photographer, with wife Emilie 28 born France, daughter Louise 10 born MI, and children 7 and 2 born NY. Parents of all born in France. (There are also Gambier born in Italy.)

Gamber, Fred arrived from Bavaria prior to 1869. In 1880 he was in Binghamton, Broom co, NY, age 42 janitor at high school born Bavaria parents born Bavaria. Wife Catherine age 39 born Bavaria parents born Bavaria. Children born NY George 11, May 9, Elsie 3 and Charles 3 mos

Gamber, Jacob arrived from Germany prior to 1870. In 1880 he is in Chicago, age 27, butcher, born Germany, with wife Mary 34 Germany, Oscar 10 IL, Toleda 8 IL and Jacob 6 IL. Parents all born Germany.

Gumber, Elias and Elois, immigrated 1870 to Allegheny co, PA, applied for naturalization 1880 - 1887.

Gamber, Nicholas arrived from Germany prior to 1872. In 1880 he is age 45, larborer in Clay, Wayne co, Indiana, with wife Sarah 45 children 8 – 1, and step daughter Addie Linderman age 18.

Gumbert, George, arrived in Ontario in 1871.

Gambert, Jean V, arrived New York on Batavia 16 Sep 1872, laborer age 22 from Germany.

Kumbart, Anna, arrived New York in 1873, Czech.

Gamber, John, arrived 8 Jun 1874 from Ireland, laborer age 24.

Gamber, Wilhelm arrived from Prussia 1875 - 1877. In 1880 he is age 32 in Omaha, Nebraska, with wife Wilhelmia age 33, daughter Johana 6 born Prussia, daughter Lina 3 born NE and son Franz 4 months born NE.

Gambert, Jacob arrived from Germany prior to 1876. In 1880 he is in Manhattan age 30 shoemaker, wife Salina 28 also born Germany, children Jacob 4, Louise 2 and Matilda 4 mos born NY. All parents born Germany.

Gamber, Lesser arrived New York 25 Jul 1876 on the Pommerania from Hamburg, Russian age 38, with wife Lippe 30, son Isaac 8, son Aryn 5 and son Joe 11 months.

Gamber, Christopher arrived 8 Feb 1878 on the Gellert from Hamburg to New York. He was from Wurtemberg, age 28, shoemaker.

Gamber, Edward, merchant age 23 arrived New York 18 Feb 1878 (Castle Garden).

Gamber, J, arrived 1 Nov 1878 on the Baltic, laborer age 21 from Germany. (Castle Garden)

Gambor, Brecedor, arrived from Mexico prior to 1880. In that census he was living in township 6, Caleveras, CA – a Native American miner.

Gamber, Jacob, arrived 12 Sep 1879 on the Danau, farmer age 22 from Baden. He settled in the Amana Colony, Iowa, for a few years and then moved to Cook county, IL.

Gambert, Leon with wife Josephine and children immigrated from France in 1879-1880. In the 1880 census the family is in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Gambor, Joseph arrived from Bohemia prior to 1880. In 1880 he is in Chicago age 37 locksmith, wife Kate 50 born Bohemia, all parents born Bohemia.

Gamber, Conrad arrived 24 Feb 1880 from Germany, age 32, farmer, with wife Marge (Margaretha Katrina Braunling) 31, son Heinrich age 2, daughter Katha. age 5. In the 1880 census he was in Ottawa, La Salle, Illinois, with wife Margaretha and three children.

At about the same time Conrad’s brother Jacob arrived with his wife Agnes Otto. After a stop in Des Moines, they settled in Chicago.

Gamber, Peter, arrived Baltimore 7 May 1880 from Baden on the Hermann, age 40, farmer, with wife Katherine age 40, daughter Elizabeth age 4, son Michael age 12, son Jacob age 10, son Johann age 7, daughter Margarethe age 3, and daughter Katherine age 6 mos.

Gambert, Josef, arrived 1 Jul 1880 on St Laurent, Swiss age 37, uncle (Castle Garden).

Gamber, Cath. arrived Aug. 16, 1880 on the Vaderland from Antwerp, German age 60, with Carl, carpenter age 18. This is apparently the Charles F Gamber born Nov 1862 who appears in the 1900 census in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Gambeer, Josef arrived from Germany 13 Dec 1880, a sailor age 23 who apparently intended to immigrate. (Castle Garden)

Gumber, Georg, arrived 6 Apr 1881 on British Crown, age 24 laborer from Germany.

Gambert, Joh., arrived 23 May 1882 on Herder, from Prussia, farmer age 57, with wife Marie age 56, daughter-in-law? Auge. age 30, daughter Louise age 26, daughter Ernestine age 19, son Friedr. age 17, daughter Wilhe. age 8, granddaughter? Auge. age 7. (Is Auge male?) (Castle Garden)

Gamber, Carl, arrived 31 July 1882 on the Edam from Amsterdam, German miner aged 28. Steerage class. (Castle Garden)

Gamber, Carl, arrived New York 2 December 1882 on the Amerique, German mason age 26.

Gamber, Carl, mason age 26 arrived New York 2 Dec 1882. (Castle Garden)

Gamber, Abraham, age 18, arrived New York 18 Sept 1883 on the Fresia from Hamberg and Le Havre. Listed as Russian.

Gambers Wm? 32, Sarah 7, Pat (male) 7, Margaree 2 and John (less than one year) arrived in New York 31 December 1883 on the Britannic from Queenstown, Ireland. Record says that the family are Irish.

Gambert, Chas, arrived 21 Dec 1885 on Oregon, farmer age 32 from Germany on way to Wisconsin, with wife Mary Ann, age 28.

Gumber, Conrad, naturalized 1885 in Scott co, Iowa.

Gamber, Seman, arrived New York 1886. Czech age 28.

Gamber, Ida, arrived 28 Oct 1886 on State of Pennsylvania, German servant age 20.

Gamber, Sam, immigrated from Italy in 1887?. In 1900 he is in Jefferson co, Pennsylvania with a wife and one child.

Gumbert, Karl, arrived in Kentucky in 1887, Swiss.

Gambert, Kathariana, arrived New York 13 Aug 1888 on the Ems, from Germany age 21 (Castle Garden).

Gamber, Franz, arrived Philadelphia on the Amsterdam, 2 Mar 1891.

Gambert, Hermann age 29 female (sic) and Otile 30 merchant arrived New York 8 Oct 1892 (Castle Garden).

Gamber, Bertha, 24 arrived New York 15 May 1894.

Gamber, M. Giup., arrived New York on Massilia ex Naples, 30 March 1896, Italian female age 16 residence Monte Minole.

Gamber, David, arrived New York on Columbia ex Hamburg, 21 August 1896, Russian age 29, with wife Sara 26 and son Abram 6 months.

Gamber, John naturalized Cleveland, OH, 25 Sep 1896. Born Austria 21 Apr 1874, immigrated 2 Jul 1884. Possibly related to

Gambert, Albert naturalized Cleveland OH 27 Oct 1905. Born Austria 17 May 1884, immigrated through New York 26 May 1884. (

Gamber, Valentine arrived from Germany prior to 1885. In 1910 he is in Altoona, Blair co, PA, with wife Kate 49 and several children 13 – 26, all born PA.

Kumbar, Barbara, arrived New York 1890, Czech age 50, with daughters Marie 9 and Anna 16.

Gumber, Gawriel, arrived 19 Jan 1892 on State of Nebraska, Russian shoemaker age 32, with wife Feige age 30, with son Baruch age 8, and daughter Neche 2.

Gamber, Manuel, citizen of Portugal aged 17 years 6 months, farmer, arrived at Provincetown, Massachusetts, on 3 May 1898 on Schooner Juliana which departed St George, Azores, on 11 April 1898. He was single, illiterate, with $500, joining a cousin Manuel Vicar of Har? Port.

Gamber, John, immigrated from Italy in 1900. He is listed in the 1900 census living with Sam Gamber (immigrated from Italy 1887?). He settled in Fresno, California, before 1920.

Gamber, Andrew, born in Romania about 1875, immigrated in 1908. In 1920 he was in Aurora township, Kane county, Illinois. He is listed as married, but he was not with his wife at the time of the census. His parents were also born in Romania.

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