From the Bible of Susannah Armstrong, which was passed to her daughter Lizzie J. Armstrong Clutter Sanders, then to Susannah's granddaughter Sarah Jane, and finally to Susannah's great granddaughter. Susannah was born 6 Nov 1841 in Greene co, PA, and on 1 Jan 1861 married Oliver Armstrong.

Oliver Armstrong was born March the 26th 1841
Susannah Armstrong was born November the 6th 1841
Clara Belle Armstrong was born February the 3rd 1862
Lizzie J. Armstrong was born January the 16th 1867
Mary Etta Armstrong was born August the 27th 1868
Maggie M. Armstrong was born December the 25rd 1870
Sadie Olive Armstrong was born March the 8th 1873
Samuel J. Armstrong was born March the 29th 1876
Charles B. Armstrong was born February the 4th 1883

This, the true record of my family, was drawn off this 22 day of September 1885.
(signed) Susannah Armstrong

(All entries on the page are in the same hand, apparently with the same pen and at the same time.)


(This page is in a different hand - probably all in the same hand. All but the last entry could be the same pen at the same time.)

Clarra Bell McCloud died Sept 26 - 1895
Susannah Armstrong died July 11 - 1898
Marrie M. died Dec 9 - 1891
Sadie Oliver Beabout died
Oliver Armstrong died March 28 - 1915
Charley B. Armstrong Died

Transcribed by Dan Gamber 29 July 2002

last update 29 July 2002

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