Numerous people named Gamber or similar have migrated to the US over the centuries. For those lines which have been in the country since before 1850 it is sometimes impossible to definitively trace who is related to whom. And even those who immigrated after 1850 could be relatives of those who immigrated earlier. Without precise knowledge of place of origin, that cannot be researched.

Genetics seems to offer a way of finding out who is related to whom - at least in direct male descent by profiling the Y choromosone. I have started a Gamber/Gambert/Gumber/Gumbert DNA study to look for answers.

Those who have already obtained DNA profiles can go to Relative Genetics Relative Genetics and enter their markers to see if there is a match.

For those who have not already gotten a profile, but who have at three generations of ancestors identified, I suggest a three step process. The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation is developing a massive database. Participation is free. They do not provide you with a profile, but do let you know about others in their database born before 1900 to whom you are related.

If you participate in Sorenson, you will get a discount for Relative Genetics. (Relative is the least expensive of the DNA services listed in Cyndi's List in mid February 2006.) You submit another sample, receive a profile, and are entered into a database. And if you are a Gamber(t)/Gumber(t) or similar you can also join my project.

Relative also provides mitrochrondial (maternal line) testing. And they can provide information on your general ancestral origins - northern Europe or whatever.

last update 2 March 2006

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