I am fully in favor of something on the Mall in Washington dedicated to preserving in the national memory the horror of slavery. But please, we do not need any more obstructions on our marvelous front yard from the Lincoln to the Capitol.


A suitable space can be obtained without taking any more green space. Use space already occupied. Evict the one and only Federal department on the Mall - the portion of the Agriculture Department between Independence and Jefferson, 14th & 12th. Re-use that building, and/or create something new.


But as this is the last space available, I suggest that the subject be broader. There is much more horror in our history than just slavery. Ethnic cleansing (the Native Americans), the Chinese Exclusion Act, Jim Crow, lynchings, segregation in the Federal Government (statue of Woodrow Wilson signing?), exclusion of women, "No Jews Allowed" signs on Miami Beach, Japanese-American internment, denial of refugee status to refugees from Hitler, Ben Franklin suggesting limits on German immigration to PA - up to today with the FBI searching for every Iraqi. The list is unfortunately very long.


Establish a Museum of American Shame. Rename the museum across the Mall the Museum of American Achievement.

last update 8 July  2003

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