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Johannes Williberth Gamber left Hochstadt, Pfalz, in 1749 with his wife Maria Elizabetha Seger and probably three children. (This Hochstadt should not be confused with another Hochstadt in Bavaria - see Pfalz NOT Bavaria.)

Exactly where the family lived before they emigrated we do not know. We do know that they knew this town, as four children born to this couple were baptised in the Hochstadt Reformed church.

Hochstadt lies in the Rhine valley, 10 or 12 km west of the river and just east of the Weinstrasse (wine road). The land is gently rolling and intensely farmed. Wine grapes have been a major crop since probably Roman times. The Catholic parish is Oberhochstadt, the Evangelisch Niederhochstadt. The commune has an official population of 2,445, most in houses built since WW2. The prewar population was probably well under 1,000. There are no major public buildings - even a supermarket. While the newer buildings are homes only, several of the older are working farm complexes or wineries. Landau, the nearest town of consequence, is the seat of the kreis (county) of the same name.

Source Verbandsgemeinde Offenbach an der Queich

Click here for a short Hochstadt History.

I took a few photos when I visited Hochstadt on 7 March 2001. Click on an image for a larger view.

Protestant church
Thumbs/tn_house 1705.jpg
House dated 1705
Thumbs/tn_house 1763.jpg
House dated 1763
Thumbs/tn_houses 1763.jpg
Two houses dated 1763
Thumbs/tn_left house 1751.jpg
Left house dated 1751
Thumbs/tn_plaque from US.jpg
Plaque from Host, PA
Thumbs/tn_town hall 18xx.jpg
Town hall built after 1800
Vineyard near Hochstadt

Hochstadt has another claim to fame. Johann Valentin Pressler, a winegrower from Niederhochstadt, migrated to the America in 1710. The family name in one branch became Presley, and eventually produced a son named Elvis. See the German corner for more.

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